When it's done right, health and safety training work doesn't need to be a necessary evil. It can be engaging, thought-provoking and change work-place habits for everyone's well-being.

IBA UK's expert instructors provide a practical and down-to-earth grounding in health and safety principles that you can readily apply to your working environment.

The amount of times I describe an incident as 'easily preventable' or 'avoidable' just shows that simple measures can stop people leaving work in an ambulance, rather than at 5 o'clock in their car as they thought they would

-Lauren Applebey, writer on Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Courses in London

We offer a range of health and safety courses to meet your individual needs, including:

  • Conflict Resolution - anticipating, recognising, reducing and managing conflict. For employees whose work involves potential conflict with others.
  • Display screen equipment - Self assessment of the work station and employers' requirements under Health and Safety regulations
  • Level 2 CoSHH course - for employees responsible for or using hazardous substances. Includes employees working in manufacturing, cleaning, healthcare, transport, utilities and offices
  • Level 2 Health and Safety Qualification - A basic requirement for staff in all workplaces
  • Manual Handling - for employees that handle mail, packages, boxes and other materials, including industrial and office workers.
  • Risk Assessment - a detailed look at the principles of risk assessment. Increases awareness of health-related risks and brings about culture-change in the work place
  • School Staff Safety

Upcoming Training Courses

There are no upcoming events.


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