Get the right training

IBA UK’s approach to training is very straightforward: we want to provide the best quality training, tailored to your individual needs. To meet this goal, we insist that all of our instructors have genuine breadth of experience and a commitment to ongoing professional development. More than that, they have to be patient, thorough and able to explain the skills in a straightforward, engaging way.

In short, we know what we’re talking about, and we know how to teach it.

IBA UK offers:

  • Security training:

    Whether you’re just starting in the security industry, or need CPD to progress your career, we have your training needs covered.

  • First Aid training:

    Our first aid training courses meet the needs of HSE, OFSTED and other bodies. But they are more than just a box-ticking exercise, allowing users to become confident and competent in first aid principles.

  • Health and Safety training:

    Expert instructors provide a practical and down-to-earth grounding in health and safety principles that you can readily apply to your working environment.

We deliver training across the UK and abroad, avoiding the need to travel hundreds of miles.

Who will you choose?

New training providers pop up every day - but how many genuinely have the experience to meet your training needs?

Upcoming Training Courses

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