For many staff involved in the care of others, facing verbal and physical aggression is becoming a fact of life. To take just three examples,

Again and again, staff in these and other workplaces are being asked to deal with challenging behaviour they are ill-equipped to deal with. However, IBA UK now offers a solution for organisations struggling to protect both their staff and their clients.

Experts in the safe, legal use of force

With our professional positive handling service, our trained personnel will act to support your staff. They are skilled at defusing all types of potentially confrontational situations, and can often prevent aggression from escalating in the first place.

Our staff are experts in the safe, legal use of force. When it’s appropriate or necessary, they can prevent clients from damaging themselves or others. The techniques used take full account of Human Rights, Health and Safety and other legislation.

Our positive handling services mean that staff feel secure and supported, and spend more time at their primary function instead of dealing with difficult behaviour. And when there is an incident, they don’t have to navigate their way through the ethical, legislative and safety minefields of holding and restraint.

If you’re interested in what our positive handling service can do for your organisation and your staff, contact us today.

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all-day CCTV Training, SIA Level 2 @ IBAUK Headquarters
CCTV Training, SIA Level 2 @ IBAUK Headquarters
Nov 1 – Nov 4 all-day
CCTV Training, SIA Level 2 @ IBAUK Headquarters
Highfield Level 2 Award for Working as a CCTV Operator (Public Space Surveillance) within the Private Security Industry (RQF) You cannot get your SIA licence without first attending this training course and gaining the CCTV qualification. Once you have your licence you can start earning and have an exciting career in the security industry using the skills you have learned. See full course details Duration Courses are delivered over four days. Plus, for those who do not hold the Unit 1 ‘Working in the Private Security Industry’ already, learners will be required to complete distance learning for Unit 1 before attending this training through home study.    


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