The use of force by security operatives often occurs in a very public environment. Whether you’re providing security for a big name rock band or at a local shopping centre, mobile phone filming means that your use of force can play out in front of a global audience.

Getting it wrong carries risks of injury to both the subject and security operative, possible lawsuits and damage to the employers’ brand.

IBA UK’s Legal Use of Force in Public Arenas Training Course is the answer to these issues. The course sets a new standard in teaching security operatives the best practice in safe, ethical, legal use of force. Developed by leaders in the field, the course emphasises prevention and de-escalation, security in a public arena and the wider implications of using force.

Training Course: Legal Use of Force in Public Arenas


This course trains security operatives in the proper use of force, focusing on highly public situations such as on a stage.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who is interested in working as a security operative. It is particularly suitable for operatives working for employers such as band management or large corporations, where improper use of force may cause reputational damage.


  • Working with policies and procedures
  • Legal implications of using force
  • Risk assessment
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Reducing the need for physical force
  • Defence in depth
  • Protection of non-tangible assets e.g. brands

Further Details

For further details on this innovative course, please contact IBA-UK.


When Use of Force Goes Wrong

The forceful removal of Dr David Dao from a United Airlines flight is a classic case of inadequate training in use of force. Video of the incident, in which the elderly doctor was injured, went viral - sparking outrage and condemnation. United Airline's brand was tarnished and the security offer sued them over his lack of training.

IBA UK's training is designed to prevent confrontation and to use force in the safest ways possible.

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