Fortunately, the latest asset-tracking technology makes it easy to manage and protect your valuable investments. IBA UK have teamed up with industry leaders AMI Group to supply a range of asset-tracking solutions.

AMI Group have been leading developers of innovative location-based tracking solutions since 2004. Like us, they recognise that clients have very individual needs and therefore offer a range of different systems.

asset-track-features-webFor example, the Asset Track 1 is a small, lightweight (52g), waterproof tracker unit that can be concealed virtually anywhere on a vehicle or other asset. The unit can be traced both outdoors and indoors using its advanced GPS tracking engine. If GPS is unavailable, the device will relay GSM cell site positions. The unit always reports on the strongest available network, providing the best coverage throughout the UK and 27 inclusive European countries. In the event of theft the RF technology kicks in: the internal RF beacon can be activated and a dedicated finder network used to locate it. Alerts for the asset can be sent via email or SMS.

Asset-tracking offers an incredibly effective method of making the most of your resources, A bespoke asset-tracking system can reduce operational costs, increase productivity and improve customer service. It’s one of the most powerful tools available to improve fleet management, allowing fleet managers instant access to vital information about every individual vehicle.

As usual in the security and related industries, specialist guidance makes all the difference.

Call us today to find out what asset-tracking can do for your company.

Asset Retrieval

In addition to asset tracking, IBA UK offer an asset retrieval service.

By using radio frequency beacons it means that even if an asset is concealed in a garage or contained, it can still be pinpointed. Recovery of the asset, however, creates another set of challenges for businesses.

Sending employees to recover assets poses serious ethical and legal problems for businesses. It may entail putting your staff in a conflict situation and at considerable risk. Our service solves this problem. When the need arises, our trained professionals work in conjunction with the authorities to recover your stolen goods safely.

Our retrieval service can be tailored to your needs, allowing for immediate or delayed responses as required.

Please get in touch to discuss your asset retrieval needs.

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Not just tracking vehicles and plant equipment

The solutions offered by IBA UK with AMI group are incredibly flexible and can be used for diverse purposes. This includes:

  • tracking people suffering from Alzheimer's and other vulnerable individuals
  • tracking workers in dangerous or unpredictable environments
  • tracking children
  • tracking pets
  • tracking packages or boxes in transit
  • tracking caravans

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