As a professional security organisation, IBA UK are ideally equipped to deal with this and many other alarm response situations. We can be on the scene promptly, assess what’s happening and respond quickly and appropriately. All without you having to expose yourself to unnecessary stress, risk or even legal action.

Our alarm response service means that you:

  • don’t need to arrange cover for staff holidays (or yours!)
  • keep yourself and your staff well out of danger
  • don’t have to drive to your premises at unsociable hours
  • don’t have to arrange transport to your premises if you’ve been drinking
  • are protected against possible legal consequences of confronting an intruder
  • don’t have to depend on responses from our hard-pressed police force

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A complete solution for asset protection

Now we’ve teamed up with experts AMI group, we can offer a complete solution to protect your assets. Sophisticated tracking systems let you manage your assets 24/7, and should an alarm be triggered, we will deal with the situation professionally.

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