CQC logoThe UK Special Forces are the best in the world because they work to a plan based on fact, not fiction. The scientific principles underlying their training stay the same no matter who they are up against.

IBA UK’s Close Quarter Combat training course teaches you these exact techniques.

Our instructors are among the most experienced in the business and practice what they preach, making this one of the most useful and cost-effective training courses around.


A brief and yet highly effective training programme that teaches principles of close quarter combat. These principles can be applied against any opponent.


You will get a certificate of attendance as evidence that you’ve attended the course and been trained in these skills. For security industry workers and others, this is a worthwhile addition to a professional portfolio and shows your commitment to ongoing CPD (Continual Professional Development).

Who should take this course?

This course would directly benefit security industry workers, including door supervisors, and close protection officers. It is also of benefit to police officers, care and social services staff, game keepers, military personnel, journalists and charity collectors.

As with any physical skills training, you will need to be relatively fit, but you are only expected to work within your own limits. If you are carrying an injury or have had recent surgery, let us know and we will ensure that your needs are accommodated.

You do not require any prior training in martial arts.


One three-hour session. Although this is a very brief training period, the techniques that are taught are  proven to be very effective. The beauty of the training is its simplicity: the reality is that many training systems are simply far too complicated for anyone to remember and make use of!

Course content

  • The Close-Quarter Threat Prioritisation Procedure;
  • Hostile Close-Quarter disengagement techniques;
  • Close-Quarter striking techniques;
  • Pressure-point compliance training;
  • Confined tactical restraint techniques

…along with other useful and interesting information based on our trainers’ own experiences.

Further details

Group sessions are available for up to 10 candidates. We also offer intensive one-to-one sessions.


For the current price of this course, call us today on 01793 855090.

nfps approved self defence trainer

Upcoming Training Courses

all-day CCTV Training, SIA Level 2 @ IBAUK Headquarters
CCTV Training, SIA Level 2 @ IBAUK Headquarters
Nov 1 – Nov 4 all-day
CCTV Training, SIA Level 2 @ IBAUK Headquarters
Highfield Level 2 Award for Working as a CCTV Operator (Public Space Surveillance) within the Private Security Industry (RQF) You cannot get your SIA licence without first attending this training course and gaining the CCTV qualification. Once you have your licence you can start earning and have an exciting career in the security industry using the skills you have learned. See full course details Duration Courses are delivered over four days. Plus, for those who do not hold the Unit 1 ‘Working in the Private Security Industry’ already, learners will be required to complete distance learning for Unit 1 before attending this training through home study.    


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