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All licence applications and renewals will be done through the new self-service website via your personal or business online account. An online account will give you greater control of the application process and will provide you with all the information about your licence in one place online.

This demonstration video shows you how to set up your personal online account and introduces some of the key functions of the new self-service website for those or you after the 6th July 2016 who need to apply for your SIA licence.

Please watch this video about information of how to get yourself the new SIA account for a SIA licence from 6th July 2016.

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For information on Security Guarding licensing and courses go to SIA Security Guard Licensing and Training

For information on Door Supervisor licensing and courses go to SIA Door Supervisor Licensing and Courses

For information on CCTV licensing and courses go to SIA CCTV licensing and training

For information on Close Protection licensing and courses go to Bodyguard – SIA Close Protection licensing and training

For information on the Door Supervisor Upskilling training and how to get your new licence go to SIA Door Supervisor Upskilling

Update on New Licensing System (Industry) 11th November 2016


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