Are you protecting your hearing?

Those of us who work in the security industry face the real danger of hearing loss. Door supervisors, security guards and close protection officers are all at risk, and the effects can be life-long and devastating.

The reason is straightforward: in their work, many security staff are regularly exposed to damaging levels of noise — levels that are sufficient to cause partial deafness:

  • Door Supervisors and Close Protection Officers are at risk of hearing loss from working in clubs and pubs. Hearing experts say that just one night of exposure is enough to permanently damage hearing.
  • Close Protection Officers and Door Supervisors can also suffer damage to their hearing at music festivals. Around 80% of concert-goers show warning signs of damage.
  • Security Guards working in industrial facilities are subjected to potentially damaging levels of noise.
  • Close Protection Officers as well as recreational shooters are at high risk of hearing damage at shooting ranges without adequate ear protection.

Advanced hearing protection

The good news is that with high-quality ear protection, security workers don’t need to suffer the misery of hearing problems.

IBA-UK now offers advanced hearing protection for security industry personnel. The CENS digital range of noise suppressors offer robust defence against potentially damaging noise, with 44dB highest attenuation.

For firing range work, the electronic suppression kicks in the instant that a gunshot occurs, saving your ears from irreparable harm.

Noise suppressors that let you do your job

Passive noise suppressors do the job, but sometimes they stop you doing yours. It’s no good protecting your hearing if you can’t talk to your co-workers!  That’s why the CENS digital range has been developed to boost the ambient noises you need — allowing you to have a conversation without removing them.

Furthermore, with the SRC wireless harness, the hearing protection links to your walkie-talkie or two-way radio.

Comfortable, adjustable, water-resistant

With a canal tip made from soft 40 shore silicone, the CENS suppressor is comfortable to wear and fits beautifully (and discreetly). And because you work in all sorts of conditions, the suppressors have fully adjustable volume control to adapt to the situation.

The CENS digital range have been used extensively by shooting sports enthusiasts. They’re designed to operate all day, everyday, in the great British outdoors — and that means that they’re tough and highly water-resistant.

Order today

For further information about the CENS Digital range, or to make an order contact IBA-UK by web form, email or on 01793 855090.

Great Deals on Digital Ear Protection for IBA UK Students

If you've trained with IBA UK, you may be eligible for discounts on the CENS ear protection products.

Get in touch for details and start protecting your hearing today.

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